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The Tool Adaptor Set provides 4 adaptors that allow you to use Silhouette tools from previous machine models with the Silhouette Cameo® 4 and Silhouette Portrait 3. The compatible tools you can use with the adaptors are the Standard Blade, the Premium Blade, the Fabric Blade, the Deep-Cut Blade, the 2mm Kraft Blade, and the Silhouette Sketch Pens (only the Sketch Pens with the black bodies are compatible with the tool adaptor). These adaptors can be reused.

For use with

  • Silhouette Cameo 4
  • Silhouette Portrait 3

*Not compatible for use with any other Silhouette cutting models

Compatible with:

  • The Standard Blade
  • The Premium Blade
  • The Fabric Blade
  • The Deep-Cut Blade
  • The 2mm Kraft Blade
  • Silhouette Sketch Pens

4 adaptors as follows:
  • 1 Sketch Pen/Pen Holder adaptor
  • 1 Deep-cut/Premium Blade adaptor
  • 1 Standard/Fabric Blade adaptor
  • 1 2mm Kraft Blade adaptor
(Sketch pens, Deep-cut Blade, Premium Blade, Standard Blade, Fabric Blade and 2mm Kraft Blade all sold separately)

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